Broadway School of Music & the Arts offers programs for: in-school classes; out-of-school time programming, including summer camps, online classes, family engagement and more! Adaptations are made based on whether the program will be offered on-site or on-line, the developmental ability of the participants, and the goals for your program.

Note:  Our listing begins with programs for kindergarten and older.  See our special section for additional Early Childhood programming.


Our group music classes can be brought to your site for children and adults of all ages. No experience is necessary. During the first class, we learn about the students and their experiences and plan accordingly.

Here are some recent classes we have offered:
Group Keyboard Classes
Group Percussion Classes including Bucket Drumming
Group African/World Drumming Class
Drums Alive!
Musical Instruments from around the World

Visual Arts

Our visual art program is as diverse as the people we serve. We meet with you, our community partner, to decide which classes would be best based on the interests of your participants and the goals you have. Many of our classes incorporate social-emotional learning concepts.

Here are some recent classes we have offered:
Art Smarts
Constructing a Zoo
Mixed-Media Madness
Multicultural Art Explorers
Painted Chairs
Show Me A Story
Superhero Art

And More!

Often we have the ability to work with teaching artists in other areas but scheduling is dependent on availability.

Here are some recent classes we have offered:
Dance Exploration
Readers Theater and Storytelling

More Information

  • Organizations/schools must schedule a minimum number of 6 of the same classes for the same group of children.
  • Most classes are 60 minutes long.
  • Classes can be tailored to camp themes, subject areas, etc.- Please ask!
  • Class sizes are limited depending on the type of art, the support staff available on whether it is in person or online.  Average size is  10 – 15.
  • Classes are based on instructor availability.
  • Appropriateness of an online class will depend on a number of factors and will warrant further conversation.
  • Class fees are based on a variety of factors.     

“I worked with a kindergartener who had a lot of tantrums: crying, crawling on the floor, anger, shutting down. One day there were few students in the class and we had the chance to work one on one for a while; She was like a different kid. We painted together (collaboratively, and then separately side by side). She mixed colors, had control over her environment, and enjoyed the session. She asked for more paper and paint so she could keep going, which of course I obliged. She was proud of her new colors and the visual story she created, and wanted to show others. This student was happy when the other children and staff gave her attention and praise.”

BSMA Visual Arts Instructor

"I just wanted to share a text message from one of my parents today... 'I just had to say... she's AMAZING!!!!" (about BSMA’s Instructor) "Please tell her for me, THANK YOU! Terrell loves music and I can see he's gonna love her' I always appreciate when parents send me something positive and wanted to share the feedback with you. Today was great! I look forward to the rest of our classes."

Kindergarten Teacher, CMSD’s A. B. Hart Elementary School

Kindergartener from Afghanistan: “She was initially reluctant to share her art as English was not her first language. As the week went on, she thrived in doing the art and said how much she loved it. By the end of the week, she was willing to stand in front of the class and talk about her project with confidence.”

As conveyed by another Instructor for CMSD’s Summer Learning Experience

Kindergartener at CMSD’s Clark School who was afraid to make a flower: Student: “I don’t know how.” Instructor: “It’s ok, maybe you could start with a round shape like this…” Student: “But what if I do it wrong?” Instructor: “You’re the artist, you can choose how you make it and if you don’t like how it turns out, you can keep changing it.” Student: “So, there’s no rules in art?” Another student listening: “No, because art comes from the heart.”

As conveyed by a BSMA Instructor for CMSD’s Summer Learning Experience

Please contact Emily Hoag, Community Outreach Coordinator, to discuss bringing BSBMA programs to your community. 216.641.0630

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