Lesson Schedule: Please be on time for your lesson, so your teacher can stay on schedule with each of his/her students. If you arrive halfway through your 30-minute lesson slot, you will only have a 15-minute lesson if your teacher has a student right after you.

Student Absences: We expect enrolled students to attend all lessons, but we know that illness happens, cars break down, and sometimes there are family schedule conflicts and emergencies. If you or your child is going to miss a lesson, please be courteous and call the school (641-0630 – you can leave a message if we are not open) in advance so we can let your teacher know. Two consecutive absences without advance notice will result in immediate cancellation of future lessons, with a $12.00 charge to reinstate enrollment.

Makeup Lessons: Only teacher absences guarantee makeup lessons or account credit (if the teacher is not able to schedule a makeup). Otherwise, if the student is absent, makeup lessons are up to the teacher. Not all teachers can fit makeup lessons into their weekly schedules. For this reason, three to four “makeup days” are scheduled during the school year to allow additional time for makeups.

Registration Fees: Registration fees are non-refundable. The Registration Fee and first monthly tuition payment must be paid before beginning lessons or classes.

Tuition Payment: Accounts of all students must be in good standing to continue lessons and classes. Tuition is prorated according to the student’s first lesson date.

We offer two payment options:

A) Full payment for the session upon enrollment; and

B) Monthly payments due at the beginning of the month (by the first lesson each month) for all of that month’s lessons. It is very important that you keep to this payment schedule! Nonpayment by the second lesson of the month will result in immediate cancellation of lessons, with a $12.00 fee to re-enroll, unless you have an approved payment plan agreement. (continued on the back) If you find that paying twice a month or weekly is easier for you, you must complete a payment plan agreement with the Registrar, to be approved by the Executive Director. With this agreement, we still expect full payment for all of that month’s lessons before the end of the month. Students may not carry tuition balances into the next month or next session, or the student will be discontinued until the balance is paid, with a $12.00 charge to re-enroll.

In the event of unforeseen financial difficulties, please talk to the School Registrar right away to make a payment plan agreement, and/or to complete an application for tuition financial aid.

Method of Payment: BSMA accepts cash, check or money order, MasterCard, VISA and American Express. There is a $12 charge for returned checks.

Tuition Refunds: If you plan to discontinue your enrollment, we must receive your notice more than 24 hours in advance of your next scheduled lesson in order to receive a partial refund for remaining paid lessons. Students with an unexcused absence who then discontinue are not eligible for a refund. BSMA will refund tuition and registration fee for group classes only if a class is cancelled due to inadequate enrollment.

Financial Aid: Tuition financial aid, based on need, is available to income-eligible students on a first-come, first-served basis, from our limited financial aid fund. Please ask the Registrar for an application form. Applications must be updated annually.

Thank you for paying careful attention to our policies, so BSMA can continue to serve your need for quality music and arts education!

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