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Broadway School of Music & the Arts’ teaching artists enrich your classroom and the lives of your students through strong music and art programming in alignment with your curriculum. Programs can stand alone or be done together with a classroom divided in 2 groups and each group having 30 minutes of each art form.

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  • Organizations/schools must schedule a minimum number of 9 of the same classes for the same group of children.
  • Each class is 30-45 minutes unless otherwise noted.
  • Class sizes are limited depending on the type of art, and the support staff available whether it is in person or online.
  • Online options are available.
  • The appropriateness of a class being online will depend on a number of factors and will warrant further conversation.
  • Classes can be tailored to themes, learning objectives, subject areas, etc.- Please ask!
  • Class fees are based on a variety of factors.

"We hope to be able to have our next year class participate in this program! It met the needs of all of our students, and had every child actively involved and learning."

Educator at Marion-Sterling Elementary School

"The children enjoyed participating in the music and art programs. I saw great learning opportunities and the students did not even know it. They were learning to follow directions, take turns, wait, and use musical and art instruments. Academics such as counting, shape naming and color naming were practiced during the activities just to name a few. They used large and small motor muscles during the activities. The hands on learning was amazing!"

Educator at Bolton Elementary School

"That was pretty amazing!"

Pre-K student at Jamison after first class

Please contact Emily Hoag, Community Outreach Coordinator,

to discuss bringing BMSA programs to your community.

216.641.0630; emily@broadwayschool.org

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