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The Broadway School of Music and The Arts is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to enrich lives by providing access to high-quality, diverse arts and music instruction and programming.

Guided by its core values of confidence-building, enrichment, empowerment, education, community building, quality, and accessibility, Broadway School of Music and the Arts seeks to provide such arts educational opportunities to all individuals regardless of age, race, religion, level of ability, or financial means, a philosophy shared by the 450+ members of the National Guild for Community Arts Education, to which the Broadway School of Music and the Arts belongs. To facilitate access to arts instruction and programming, many of the Broadway School of Music and the Arts programs are free or low-cost and increasingly provided at partner sites to reach more people and serve diverse audiences.

With a developing focus on serving the Greater Cleveland community, Broadway School of Music and the Arts has also prioritized a leadership role in the renewal of its distressed Slavic Village neighborhood, recognizing that arts participation can engender hope, improve lives and strengthen the fabric of urban communities.

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Broadway School of Music & The Arts
5415 Broadway Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44127
(216) 641-0630
TTY/TDD use Ohio Relay Service (800) 750-0759

All people deserve access to the arts.
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