Adult and Creative Aging

Broadway School of Music & the Arts is committed to providing senior and adult programming that provides opportunities not only for life enrichment but skill building and community building as well. We look for community partners in the senior service provider community to host these classes and help spread the word about these opportunities.


Music classes focus on the joy of creating music together as a group. No experience is necessary. At the first lesson, we learn about the students and their experience and plan accordingly. Most classes meet once a week for 8-12 weeks.

Here are some of the recent classes we have offered:
Community Choir
Hand Bells
Group Keyboard Classes

Visual Arts

Our visual art program is as diverse as the people we serve.  We meet with you, our community partner, to decide which classes would be best based on the interests of your participants and the goals you have.   

Here are some of the recent classes we have offered:
3D Art
Acrylic Painting
Mural Making
Watercolor Painting

And More!

These programs can be scheduled as “drop in” style classes, one time events, or in a regularly scheduled series.

Here are some themes we can develop with your students:
Drums Alive
Music Bingo

More Information

  • Class sizes are limited depending on the type of art, and the support staff available whether it is in person or online.
  • Scheduling is based on instructor availability.
  • Online options are available.
  • Music and visual art classes follow the Creative Aging best practices of sequential learning (mastery) and social engagement in classes developed and taught by professional artists.
  • Most classes are 1-2 hours and meet 8-12 times. We will work with your group, its calendar, and interests to design a program right for you.
  • Class fees are based on a variety of factors.

“Our seniors loved the collage class! They really enjoyed the process of learning some new techniques and working on different art pieces, but even more valuable was the talking, sharing, and laughing together over their life stories. After more than a year of isolation, this group of seniors - most of whom didn't usually spend time together before the pandemic - really opened up and learned about each other's journeys. The class received rave reviews from our seniors and was a really special way to start to welcome them back after COVID-19.”

Leslie Brown, Senior Citizen Resources regarding the collage class.

"I just wanted to share that (the instructor) and I had a great time at Senior Citizen Resources. Eleven people came outside to participate. That is a big crowd for them. One lady, who shared an uncanny resemblance to RBG, was grinning from ear to ear (well, I couldn’t see her grin but her eyes spoke volumes). One very old gentleman looked very stiff and quiet and really started moving to the beat. Three ladies sat inside and eventually not only came out but participated. I felt like I was in the Awakenings movie as they would come out one by one. It was such a joy to see these people enjoy it so much. Made me love my job even more!"

As conveyed by BSMA’s Outreach Coordinator

Please contact Emily Hoag, Community Outreach Coordinator,
to discuss bringing BSMA programs to your community.

All people deserve access to the arts.
Help us touch more lives.